custom wood window coverings in a brownsville tx home

Window Screens in Brownsville, TX

Looking for window screens, shutters, or blinds in Brownsville, TX?

A Solar Screen and Professional Woodcrafters has the window covering solution for you.

If customized, hand-crafted window screens sound attractive to you, take a look at what we have to offer.

Customized Solar Window Screens for Your Brownsville Home

There are numerous reasons why homeowners are turning to this window tinting screen for their windows.

Solar screens are tremendously effective, blocking out up to 90% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The most important way this affects your home is by creating a comfortable in-home temperature that’s reflected in your energy expenses.

Additionally, solar screens add a great level of privacy and glare reduction for the room behind it. They’re effective at minimizing visibility from the outside, while allowing you to still view the outside. Solar screens are also effective at allowing comfortable air flow, while reducing the amount of dust and pollen that enters the home.

Classic, Stylish Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters offer a valued, timeless look for your home. Shutters are sturdier than your typical, flimsy blinds, allowing them to hold up to regular cleaning without bending or breaking.

Their durability also allows them to hold up well under the constant sunlight. They’re resistant to fading and cracking and do an effective job of keeping out the warm outside air. The way they’re installed also offers excellent light control, giving you the option to let natural light in, or completely shut it out.

We craft our shutters out of the best materials available and are made of 100% wood. We pride ourselves on our wide catalog of options. You can choose from ash, red oak, cedar poplar basswood, and many other styles of wood. If you have a preference of paint or stain color, you’ll be able to select that as well.

Hand-Crafted Wood Blinds

Wood blinds and faux winds are an elegant, yet cost-effective window screen option to filter light and regulate temperature. Similar to our shutters, you’ll have access to a wide array of customization options to help you get the right blinds for your home.

In addition, you’ll be able to choose from tilt chords, tilt wands, your desired width, and even decorative tapes. If you have an idea or need in mind, we’ll find a way to help you make it happen.

Fabric-Based Zebra Shades

Zebra shades are a highly attractive and customizable style of window covering. Depending on the style and color of fabric you choose, you can benefit from moderate light filtering to complete room darkening lighting effects.

Durable fabric is also highly effective at resisting the effects of ultraviolet rays, and often more effective at temperature control than standard, cheaper options. You can also choose from a traditional, minimalistic fold or a hobbled fold that creates depth and adds a bit of character.

With A Solar Screen and Professional Woodcrafters, we emphasize options and creativity. No other woodcrafters are more suited to give you the window screens you desire!

Window Screens by A Solar Screen and Professional Woodcrafters

If you have a custom window screen in mind, no one is more fit to craft it than A Solar Screen and Professional Woodcrafters. We have almost 20 years’ experience creating finely detailed, quality products that meet our customers every wish and need.

Whether you prefer solar screens, shutters, blinds, zebra shades, and more, we know how to make it. Your window covering experience is tailored to your needs to provide you with results that exceed every expectation.

If you have some ideas in mind, request a free quote from us today! For other questions, give us a call at 956-686-2953.